Crazy as a peach orchard sow is a label applied to a person who is acting illogically or dangerously. This phrase is derived from the idea that a peach orchard sow would eat fruit that had been shaken from the tree by the wind (the windfall) and which had been fermenting. This would cause the sow to become drunk and crazy.

The phrase is also used to mean sexually passionate, but that is not how we use it in Texas. Women who shoot at you during a less-than-amicable divorce, like one of my late uncle's wives did, are crazier than a peach orchard sow. Men who just can't stop getting into trouble are wild as peach orchard boars.

Variations of this phrase follow the general formula.

  • Adjective as a peach orchard noun.
  • Crazy as a peach orchard boar.
  • Crazier than a peach orchard pig.
  • Wild as a peach orchard sow.
  • etc. etc.


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