A submission finishing move used by technical World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler Chris Benoit.

Basically a fusion of a basic crossface hold with an arm scissors, the Crippler Crossface inflicts a severe amount of pain on several parts of the opponent's body.

Here are several reasons why this is one of the most feared submission holds in wrestling history, as described by several sports medicine experts:

  • An excruciating facial pain is induced, the result of applying pressure to the nerve networks that branch over the entire face. The possibility of a broken nose is very real.
  • The neck is stretched to a point of severe stress, partially cutting off the jugular veins and thus the flow of blood to the brain.
  • The shoulder blade is stretched to unnatural proportions, putting it under the risk of fracture.
  • The shoulder's displacement can cause the tearing of the opponents "pecs" (pectoral muscles) and "lats" (latissimus dorsi).
  • The forced twisting of the elbow can result in rupturing of the posterior ligament.
  • And most of all - the move stimulates the medulla oblongata, inciting a state of panic and in severe cases, the victim can blackout from the pain

It is therefore safe to remind all that although "this is entertainment, the hazards are real". Please don't try this at home.

Information adapted from: Confessions of a Crippler by Brian Solomon (WWF Magazine April 2001)

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