It is with a heavy heart that I inform all fans of the show Crocodile Hunter, (not to be confused with the Crocodile Hunter Diaries) that Steve Irwin does not just happen upon some of the rarest animals in the Australian outback purely by accident.

While most of the show is genuine i.e. Steve’s well documented injuries and the wrestling, the truth is that for some of the episodes what happens is that an animal that has been tagged is taken from the Australia Zoo where Steve works and “put into the wild” where Steve promptly picks it up and spouts out pre-meditated information on that particular species.

Don't let this shocking news bring you down though! The only reason why they must do this is because Steve can only wrestle animals so many times, the show needs more variety than that. It is very hard to track down rare animals on a timely schedule for a show like the Crocodile Hunter. The truth is that Steve could easily spout off information on any of these rare creatures from off the top of his head anyway, he just needs a little help in finding them.

This not so carefully hidden fact can be learned at the Australia Zoo on a tour, or at least it could a few years ago.

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