The "Dirty Pair" was originally a series of humorous science fiction stories in Japan written by author Haruka Takachiho (a sort of Japanese version of the Stainless Steel Rat). Their proper designation is the "Lovely Angels" however because of the massive quantities of death and destruction that follow them around they have gained their other nickname.

They work as troubleshooters for the WWWA. However often the people they are sent to help would rather have the original problem by the time they are finished.

They have spawned several TV series a few films and a US comic book (though not a Japanese Manga).

The comic book is drawn by Adam Warren. It was originally written by Toren Smith for the first three series before Adam Warren took over all duties. It was Toren's involvement that actually allowed this comic to be done as Takachiho had been denying all requests from Japanese companies to do a manga for years.

I believe that the characters are actually based upon a pair of female wrestlers in Japan. WWWA in this context actually I believe stands for something like "Woman's World Wrestling Association" and the use of the initials in the stories is an in-joke (if anyone who knows the facts wants to /msg me then I'll correct it - I can't find the relevant references at the moment).

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