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There are a number of tests that look at the representation of women in narratives. Most of these suggest a bare minimum measure that a movie, book, or comic should meet in order to be considered not-completely-sexist. The Crystal Gems test attempts something stronger: a moderately comprehensive measure of how represented females are in a given work. In order to score on the test:

  1. A work has to have at least four female characters (or, alternatively, have a 1:1 male/female ratio);

  2. It must pass the Bechdel Test (may be skipped if there is only one female character);

  3. It must pass the Mako Mori Test;

  4. It must pass the Sexy Lamp Test;

  5. Each major female character must pass at least one of these tests, and each test must be passed by at least one major female character;

  6. If any major female character does not pass at least one of 2, 3, or 4, it's an automatic fail.

To score the test, give one point for each time that each of the three component tests are passed (the Bechdel Test is passed only once for each pair of characters conversing). The minimum passing score is three; the test is open-ended and there is no maximum score.

This test was proposed by Tumblr user Locuas in August of 2015, and it has gotten some good press. However, there seem to be very few sources actually applying the test to media (in contrast to the Bechdel Test, which gets used quite frequently). I was surprised to find that apparently no one has yet calculated a score for the Crystal Gems' own show, Steven Universe.

Brevity Quest 2016

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