BrevityQuest. We want your writeups, 300 words or fewer.

  • The quest starts Friday, July 1, 00:00 and ends Sunday, July 31, 23:59:99 E2 server time.
  • We're looking for well-crafted fact or fiction, poetry and prose. New writeups only.
  • Post as many submissions as you wish. It is okay to post hidden writeups if you prefer.
  • Quest entries should be labeled as such, and a /msg to confirm is welcome.
  • Bounty will be awarded at 10GP per writeup. A panel of mystery judges will do mysterious judging things. Lord only knows what the result will be.

Need some inspiration? Check out the BQ submissions listed in BrevityQuest12, BrevityQuest14, and Brevity Quest 2015. Need some counting? Check out the E2 Word Counter.

The Winners

Factual: Sycee by Bitriot
Poetry: sometimes death comes when it's the furthest thing from your mind by moeyz
Fiction: A Small Scrap Near the End of Your Story by Zephronias

  1. Grrl power by lizardinlaw
  2. Kowhai by Lord Brawl
  3. Basketweave by Lord Brawl
  4. Cock egg by Tem42
  5. Sometimes death comes when it's the furthest thing from your mind by moeyz
  6. Suppressing erections by TheAnglican
  7. Harvard death by Tem42
  8. July 1, 2016 by Zephronias
  9. There was a little girl by Zephronias
  10. Rainbow Demon by moeyz
  11. The Second (and smaller) Epic of Erik 'The Epic' Killblood by Erik Killblood
  12. Break your own rules by lizardinlaw
  13. Break your own rules by Azul-din
  14. For me to smell a garden without trying by moeyz
  15. Weapon of Brass Destruction by Pandeism Fish
  16. A bowl full of peas by ViKi
  17. Savage Durand by Pandeism Fish
  18. 1910 Fruitgum Company by Tem42
  19. Barbie Plastic Surgeon by lizardinlaw
  20. Does my goldfish know who I am? by andycyca
  21. Chugger by Lord Brawl
  22. Break your own rules by andycyca
  23. Letter to a good friend long far-flung by moeyz
  24. Stoya Said Stop by aeolus
  25. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible except when to do so would injure them or others by aeolus
  26. Causal progenerative by aeolus
  27. Mia and the Tooth Fairy by Zephronias
  28. The tension between the dream world and the waking by moeyz
  29. Jello Baked Alaska by NanceMuse
  30. Is Pandeism just a "made up word"? by Pandeism Fish
  31. Clinton and Trump and Jewish lawyer in-laws with federal felony convictions by Pandeism Fish
  32. Gender deviance neutralization by Tem42
  33. I tore pages from your notebook by winston_farsoul
  34. Doing gender by Tem42
  35. Disney Princess role model by lizardinlaw
  36. Disney Princess role model by Lord Brawl
  37. Executive Summary by Lord Brawl
  38. Pests in the Garden by Zephronias
  39. Stale, stuffy, and magic carpets by Zephronias
  40. A memory about Mia's first week by Zephronias
  41. Lazarus reflex by Pandeism Fish
  42. Happily ever after by lizardinlaw
  43. Parablepsis by Tem42
  44. Tumbled thoughts for a tumbled time by moeyz
  45. That Time Zeph Was A Criminal by Zephronias
  46. Derwin Brown by Pandeism Fish
  47. King of the Dragons by lizardinlaw
  48. Wholesome by borgo
  49. Carding by Lord Brawl
  50. Inter canem et lupum by Tem42
  51. We are shaken through space and time until we are free by moeyz
  52. The morning rush hour is counter-productive to proper mourning by andycyca
  53. Considering my lack of sleep and my GOGO GIRL nail polish by moeyz
  54. Manipulator by aeolus
  55. Read this before the party by andycyca
  56. Barn race by Lord Brawl
  57. Lost Friends by andycyca
  58. Wicked Problem by Tem42
  59. Super wicked problem by Tem42
  60. You used to be a substantial woman by ame_9001
  61. Galvanic corrosion by Bitriot
  62. Mither by Tem42
  63. A slave of beauty by ame_9001
  64. Things To Do Every Single Day by moeyz
  65. That Time Zeph Did Not Meet a Nice Cop by Zephronias
  66. Dragonfire by TheAnglican
  67. There Was a Desert in My Head by Zephronias
  68. I can no longer tell you by moeyz
  69. I can no longer tell you by lizardinlaw
  70. Blueberry dream by ame_9001
  71. The Zombie and the Coed Stoner by TheAnglican
  72. Death in childbirth by lizardinlaw
  73. Ostrich milk by Tem42
  74. Wigs on the green bt Clockmaker
  75. July 17, 2016 by moeyz
  76. Photograph of a Lady, Circa 1915 by Lord Brawl
  77. Green Boots by Tem42
  78. Things To Do Every Single Day by andycyca
  79. Kardashev scale by andycyca
  80. Fall of potential by Bitriot
  81. Passing Time by Pandeism Fish
  82. The only constant is change by moeyz
  83. Sycee by Bitriot
  84. The Eric Trump Foundation by NanceMuse
  85. Genus by Tem42
  86. Disoppilate by Tem42
  87. Glen Campbell...I'll Be Me by moeyz
  88. I don't expect by lizardinlaw
  89. Dream log: July 23, 2016 by lizardinlaw
  90. Scarf by Tem42
  91. Sober fairy by lizardinlaw
  92. Open Carry Reservation by lizardinlaw
  93. Back by Lord Brawl
  94. Muck by Lord Brawl
  95. Snoot by Tem42
  96. Snooty by Tem42
  97. Sexy Lamp Test by Tem42
  98. Finkbeiner test by Tem42
  99. White-Nose Syndrome by Lord Brawl
  100. I Came Out Here To Have A Good Time And Honestly I Am Feeling So Attacked Right Now by Zephronias
  101. Thought stopping by Tem42
  102. Every time I fall, I fall a little bit harder, a little bit further, I fall right back onto you by moeyz
  103. Subcontrary by Tem42
  104. Subalternation by Tem42
  105. Carnyx by Clockmaker
  106. Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure by Zephronias
  107. Ace wrap by lizardinlaw
  108. Dream log: July 27, 2016 by lizardinlaw
  109. That Time Zeph Wet Herself by Zephronias
  110. Multiple Subject Teaching Credential by Zephronias
  111. Single Subject Teaching Credential by Zephronias
  112. Base by Lord Brawl
  113. List of Successful Cavalry Charges in the US Civil War by Clockmaker
  114. NoSQL by Lord Brawl
  115. Rabbit hole by KissThis
  116. Out of the Woods by Zephronias
  117. July 28, 2016 by lizardinlaw
  118. Down and Out in Gotham City by Lord Brawl
  119. Dunce by Tem42
  120. Pidgey is the best Pokemon by Zephronias
  121. Litwick by Zephronias
  122. Reddit Hug of Death by KissThis
  123. Lampent by Zephronias
  124. Mako Mori Test by Tem42
  125. Crystal Gems test by Tem42
  126. Chandelure by Zephronias
  127. Yamask by Zephronias
  128. Pokedex by Zephronias
  129. Man at the Morgue by Zephronias
  130. Veg*n by Tem42
  131. The future begins now by moeyz
  132. Bottle garden by Zephronias
  133. Beers Criteria by lizardinlaw
  134. Burial Vault by Zephronias
  135. Old Souls by Zephronias
  136. A Small Scrap Near the End of Your Story by Zephronias
  137. A Child Was Born in 64 by KissThis
  138. Free As A Dove by KissThis
  139. Mozart Vesperae solennes de confessore, KV 339 by lizardinlaw
  140. Cofagrigus by Zephronias
  141. Availability heuristic by Tem42
  142. July 31, 2016 by lizardinlaw
  143. Attic ladder by lizardinlaw
  144. The man at the fountain by Zephronias
  145. Ship ladder by Tem42
  146. A red-headed woman talking on a phone in a room by moeyz
  147. Stench gas by Lord Brawl
  148. Dry room by Lord Brawl
  149. Hoopfest by KissThis
  150. Spiritomb by Zephronias
  151. CYOA by Dustyblue

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