Located in Spokane, Washington in the USA, Hoopfest is the worlds largest 3-on-3 street basketball tournament. It includes a festival with live entertainment, food, shopping and more. The first Hoopfest was in 1990 and had just 512 teams with 2,009 players.

Now over 40 downtown downtown city blocks are blocked off to make courts for the teams. There are over 7,000 teams. Over 3,000 volunteers make the tournament run smoothly. The volunteers receive an appreciation package that includes Nike gear.

The tournament is for players of all ages and abilities. Many of the teams have special uniforms made for themselves.

Hoopfest is televised, with special focus on center court where the finals are played.

Hoopfest contributes a sizable boost to Spokanes economy.

Spokane Hoopfest Association helps Spokane with it's sizable charitable contributions each year.

In 2003 Hoopfest received the Agora Award for Business Excellence.

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