Blind, adopted, and a fraternal twin. Been through the foster system at more houses than I'd like to recall. Learned something new at each place, not always pleasant. My brother and I were together in the beginning. While I was quiet; he was troublesome even though he could see...maybe because he could see.

All I know is we were both judged by our curly red hair and the cryptic note left by our mother.

Once separated, I vowed to learn from each situation. Details, nuances; I can speak several languages, including American English fluently. The twin thing is real; he needs me now. I can only hope he feels the same.

Today, sitting on this splintering park bench, holding a faded photograph, with Azera, I wait for him, for answers. The slightest wrong feeling or sound will be fatal, but not for us.

Brevity Quest 2016 122

Truly Madly Deeply Fallen Quest

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