A Quest that is a GO!

Starting July 25, 2016 and accepting posts until August 15th:
and one week of guessing pairs of stories and partners, from August 15-21!

You have two friends, truly madly deeply in love....

....and then truly madly deeply fallen OUT of love....

Do you
1. pick his/her side
2. pick her/his side
3. avoid them both
4. try to stay neutral and by the way, they each are telling you horror stories about the other person and the stories don't even faintly match and after a while you wonder if they both are nuts....

...and this is the QUEST:

A. Find a partner on everything2

B. You will each write two stories. One about one half of a couple, one about the other half. You write both halves of your particular couple, but like a couple breaking up, they may exaggerate the other person's faults/crimes/injuries/stubbornness/lack of love.
The stories do not have to match, they don't have to be male and female, they don't even have to be the same species. They could be plants.

C. You will post one half under your name and your partner will post your other half under theirs. You will post their "other half" story under your name.

D. You may want to communicate with your partner and pick some themes. You are trying to disguise your handiwork so that we can't match the two halves of the story or figure out who the partner is. You are writing your two stories in different voices, the two voices of a couple breaking up. You may want to sound like your partner or like someone else who is in the Quest. Good luck.

The game is to pick a partner who you do or don't write in a similar way and then fool everyone so that they can't tell who the partner is.

You may talk to your partner first and agree on some details or overlap or decide to not have the stories have anything in common.

Will you write like your partner? Will they write like you? Will you both write like Donald Trump or one like Donald and one like Hilary?

Prizes for guessing the partners.

Prizes for matching the two halves of the story.

Extra prizes for posting the two halves in the first week ESPECIALLY if they also meet the criteria for the OVERLAPPING BREVITY QUEST!

You may have MORE THAN ONE PARTNER. However, the stories must still be in pairs. So... you could write about a triangle, with one character writing two narratives and each paired with the narrative of the partner....

People who (have threatened to) participate so far:

Erik Killblood

and YOU will have an edge at guessing if you participate, because you will at least know who your partner is.... the devious multipartner people will have more edges, they will slice through the QUEST like a hot knife through butter... how devious are YOU?

Down and Out in Gotham City Lord Brawl
The future begins now moeyz
a red-headed woman talking on a phone in a room moeyz
a red-headed woman talking on a phone in a room etouffee
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness graceness
Love will tear us apart Lord Brawl
With or Without You... but I prefer the latter TheGrocersApostrophe

This has been brought to you by memories of the Wordmonger's Ball...

the only problem with this is that if I run the quest, I can't be in it.... dang it....

7/6/16 update: four people have messaged interest so far.... if we get a few more, it will fly... message me, with target date either the 15th or 21st... thank you!!

7/19/16 It's a go... linked and posted...JUDGES WANTED!!

7/22/16: Judges: lizardinlaw, Dustyblue and KissThis!!

7/27/16: On yer mark! Get set! GO!!!!
Please message me when any half of a story is posted.

8/21/16: CLOSED! TIME TO Truly Madly Deeply Fallen Quest Guess Guest Testing Best List Guess!

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