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Internal email, encrypted, for company eyes only:

In spite of the variety of Barbie sizes, colors and shapes on the market, we are getting complaints about neglected body types in the US population, namely the morbidly obese. There is reluctance to have a morbidly obese Barbie, so enclosed are specifications for a revival of her friend Skipper, now an adult. It is suggested that she be sold as part of a new Barbie Plastic surgeon set. This will include operating room table, lights, anesthesia mask and liposuction tool. Skipper has velcro pockets in thighs and abdomen where padding may be "liposuctioned" and removed.

A second choice for Morbidly Obese Skipper will be with Barbie Family Doctor, with a scale and an elliptical machine, and Boston Marathon t-shirt for when Skipper loses the weight.

Morbidly obese Roger, good friend to Ken is in the works. The beer, tv, and wife-beater is just a joke, ok? Don't come down too hard on the department, they are our creative engine.

BQ 168


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