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we got tired of the pricks and dicks controlling us, so we changed

ya, that old man, he wasn't too dumb, he picked up on the really dysfunctional ones the boys the trainspotters

cuz of course they don't pay attention to the grrls

and it took us a while to figure out the direction and get it right

and when he started describing the more functional ones he said he didn't know about grrls

yeah, so we keep on... it's not conscious but we tired of discrimination and women down and paid less and the pricks and dicks treating us like shit

so we change 'em in the womb... fuck up gender, fuck up race, and let's go with new brains

they have started noticing the grrls

but it's too late, har, the smart grrls going to town

they know who to choose

for the next generation

ain't evolution fun?


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