So there's actually a lot of boring dead time when you're flying on a jet pack for hundreds of miles, so I'mma be nice and tell Anja some of my AWESOME and EPIC adventures.

Like, one time I was in this abandoned town, yeah? I stop and look for an abandoned grocery store to stock up, and I find one, but it was full of WOLF MUTANTS. Those are those bigass ugly tumory dudes who got like spliced with wolf DNA that makes them all wolfy. ALSO it wasn't a grocery store it was actually the town hall. The wolf mutants were hanging around and they saw me and freaked and I said "whatup bitches" and pulled out my BFG.

Yeah, that's right; MY BIG FRIENDLY GRENADE. I made like I was gonna throw it and they said, "wait please, no!"

So I stopped cuz, dude, I may be SAVAGE, but I'm not A SAVAGE.

And I'm about to ask what the what, when the giant windows behind me breaks and in leaps MUTANT WOLVES! Those are those bigass ugly tumory wolves with the spikey scales and shit. There was like ten-- no, fifty-- of them. All coming inside and attacking the Wolf Mutants.

So this time I throw the BFG at the Mutant Wolves and they kaboom into fifty million splats of "fuck you."

Everyone gets covered in glop, but I'm cool cuz damn, nothin like seeing giant wolfs go explodo. The Wolf Mutants looked freaked though.

"Yo," I said. "I blew those guys up for you. Can I get some food?"

And they sorta stared, but then one got them moving and ANYWAYS that's why my jacket is red, 'cause the Mutant Wolf blood stained it that way.

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