Last week I drove the 1986 5 speed Honda Civic to work, because my daughter is in Thailand. Mostly she drives it. It has no alarm on the headlights and no automatic shut off, so of course I forgot and the battery was dead. I have jump started or bump started that car more times than I can count. It is small and light and my clinic is on a hill. I let it roll back and turn towards the road in neutral. I waited for traffic to clear and let it roll, put it in second gear and tried to bump start it. Nope. Stop sign. Waited again and then let it roll turning left and tried again and YES!

... and promptly had flashing lights behind me. Oooops.

The police had not realized I was bump starting it. But... the registration had run out 9 months ago. Double ooooooops.

Ticket. I paid the registration on line in the morning, printed out the proof and mailed the ticket in, mea culpa. I said extenuating circumstances, so court date, explain to judge, yada yada.

They are quick. I had a letter from the court yesterday. I opened it.

It thanked me for the proof of registration and dropped the ticket.


I didn't expect that at all! I don't have to cancel clinic to go explain being distracted in court!

Sometimes people are kind....

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