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Stoya Said Stop is a NY Magazine article about “one of the most well-known and in-demand names…in porn.” The article gives a background on Stoya Doll (or Jessica) and her history in the industry and then focuses on the aftermath of her public rape accusation (via Twitter) against her ex-boyfriend, another porn celebrity known as James Deen.

Stoya is described in the article as “the sex icon for a generation that doesn’t trust institutions…more self-consciously countercultural” largely because of her atypical pornstar appearance (pale skin, small breasts).  Her relationship with Deen had shown several warning signs leading up to the incident which she eventually tweeted about (“the tweets just fell out of my hands”), that he had assaulted her despite using a safeword.

Instead of delving into the ramifications of an industry that openly encourages rape culture, the article stays mostly focused on Stoya. On feminism, Stoya remarks, “I am a deeply conflicted feminist person who gets regularly called a feminist pornographer when I see nothing inherently feminist about the pornography I produce. Feminism is not my focus.”

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