There's a small subset of people who make money by telling a slightly larger subset of people about past lives.

It's bullshit.

They'll tell their customers what they want to hear-- you were something impressive. They'll call you "old souls" and say you've been through the planetary ringer a few times. It's stupid, wrong and doesn't bring good money unless you've got loyal old women who insist on palm readings every Tuesday.

You wanna know how old's a soul? Watch them at a party.

The talking, mingling, social butterflies? They've been around a while. It takes a few tries for someone to really get comfortable in their skin, even if it isn't same skin it was earlier. They've been around enough to know what they're doing, and they're comfortable.

Those hanging around the snack table, or following their one friend are ones who've been around once or twice. They sorta know what they're doing, but they haven't gotten it down yet, and they're branching out, trying new things. It's unfamiliar territory, but they see others do it, so it can't be that hard, can it?

It's no use looking for folks on their first lifetime. They didn't make it to the party. They're at home, reading or dicking around online or making things. For some reason, ones on their first go around really like making things. I think it's because creation is still a fresh concept. They'll get over it by their third lifetime and become the sort of people who enjoy other's works without creating their own.

And Me?

Kid, don't kid. This system only works for those of you with souls.


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