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In one of the odder coincidences of this election season, both Republicrat candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have seen their daughters marry Jewish men -- Chelsea Clinton being married to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky, and Ivanka Trump being married to real-estate guy Jared Kushner (Ivanka converted, while Chelsea remains a Methodist). And in both cases, these sons-in-law are not just "Jewish" men, but "Conservative" Jews (in the religious sense, not the political; both men are decidedly and outspokenly left-wing in their politics). It must be noted, naturally, that Chelsea and Ivanka are close personal friends, and remain so despite the daily growing rage of sniping between their politicized parents.

Perhaps it is unsurprising that, spending their collegiate years in heavily Jewish New York City, both ladies would meet and date Jewish men. But wait, it gets odder still. Both Mezvinsky and Kushner, it turns out are themselves fruits of rather unsavory trees, both having fathers who have been convicted of federal crimes and spent time in federal prison for it. Trump's in-law, Charles Kushner, spent two years in federal prison after being convicted in 2005 of federal crimes including illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering. Clinton's in-law, Edward Mezvinsky -- a one-time US congressman -- served five years in federal prison, having been convicted on 31 federal felony fraud charges. Both the senior Kushner and the senior Mezvinsky have (or had) law degrees, to boot, placing both firmly in the category of "ought've known better."


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