Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Imagic/Self Published
Model Number: n/a
Year of Release: n/a
Atari Rarity Guide: Prototype/10 Extremely Rare
Programmer: Rob Fulop

Cubicolor is a sort of fun color matching game for the Atari 2600. The game screen looks kind of like a cross between a Rubic's Cube and a Connect Four board.

This title was originally done by Rob Fulop for Imagic. But Imagic turned around and decided that they didn't want to publish it. So Rob decided to sell it himself.

This title was first available from Rob during the mid 80's for $100 per copy (well above the cost of the average Atari 2600 game). There were supposed to be fifty copies made altogether. But signed and numbered copies seem to exist ranging from #1, right up to #60. So some people may have ordered more than one copy. Rob sold his remaining copies in 1994, and is now sold out, and has no plans to produce any more of them.

Collectors Information

You can play this game on all the popular Atari emulators, such as Stella. Rob has not officially released this game into the public domain, but he has never pursued any legal action, nor asked any websites to remove this ROM.

There are two distinct versions of this cartridge. The signed and numbered version from Rob Fulop is the most common. But there are also a few of these floating around in Imagic loaner cartridge form. Those tend to be incomplete versions, and not the finished product like the numbered ones are.

This game is one of the most valuable Atari games due to the extremely limited distribution. They seem to go for a higher price every time one of them is sold. $300 would be a starting price. If you manage to get one it will probably be the star of your entire Atari collection.

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