In 1971 Carl G. Sontheimer had an inspiring career behind him. He had been an inventor for NASA and had founded, made successful, and sold an electronics engineering company. Yet, at the age of 58, he was bored. He returned to his boyhood home in France for inspiration. While attending a cookery show he discovered an intricate industrial blender. It was then he decided to combine his long time love of cooking with his technical expertise.

After a year of modifications to the appliance, the Cuisinart® was born. Today the name is one of the most recognized in small kitchen appliances. It has paved the way for many innovative kitchen products.

Marketed as the only machine which could blend, slice, dice, chop, grind, and knead, the Cuisinart® was fairly simple to operate. It is, without doubt, the predecessor of todays food processors.

In 1987 the Sontheimer family sold the Cuisinart® company and focused on cookbooks, cooking, and a magazine. But the Cuisinart® name is still used for an entire line of small kitchen appliances. Some of the appliances marketed today include:

The Cuisinart® line of kitchen aids is affordable, easy to operate, and sturdy. Most items are not only functional, but have a certain aesthetic appeal so as to not present an eyesore on the kitchen counter.

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