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A place where one might go to eat curry, perhaps.

Actually, these are great places for a good (pre- or post- or entire) night out. You may turn up at whatever time you wish pretty much. Depending on the quality of the restaurant, you may get food varying from alright to gut bustingly amazing. A lot of places also have an english menu to cater for all of the wimps and people who just don't like foreign food.

The English curry house is a place where you can get Westernised versions of Indian dishes as well as Indian style dishes (e.g. balti). In general, the chef will have prepared large quantities of curry sauce in advance and will add this, along with other ingredients in varying quantities. In a typical UK Curry House, there will, therefore, be no fundamental difference between Madras, Vindaloo and Phall dishes, except for the Scoville rating.
The value of curry houses in extending one's culinary experience is somewhat limited. There are notable exceptions to this (e.g. Veeraswamy, Chutney Mary's) and some say there is a tendency for curry houses to be returning to more traditional methods.

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