This is a length of road in Rusholme, Manchester in the UK. From the start of Wilmslow Road (where it changes from Oxford Road {not Oxford Street as it is in London}) down to the Hardy's Well pub. This stretch of road (approximately 1/2 mile long) is filled with Curry Houses, jewellery shops, take aways and Asian clothing stores. Mostly Curry Houses.

The road is incredibly thin and often gets blocked with traffic between 5pm and midnight on Friday nights. It is rare to go there and not be ambushed by the wonderful smell of curry, kebabs and other food. An excellent place to finish or start a night out.

The Curry Mile acts as an uneasy buffer zone between the less-than-salubrious Rusholme and Longsight districts of South Central Manchester and the so-insalubrious-it's-more-or-less-a-no-go-zone district of Moss Side.

Nevertheless, a night-time stroll down Wilmslow Road reveals a Pandora's Box of eateries, the majority of which have sensible and incomprehensible Indian Restaurant names (Shandaar, Sangaam, Al Halewi), but also contains some of the most unforgivable linguistic crimes in British restaurant history (Camel One, Spicy Hut, Mister Khan, Monsoon Nights).

Widely regarded as the King of The Curry Mile, Sangaam (at the far Town Centre end of The Mile) is as good an Indian restaurant as you'll find anywhere in the country, reasonably priced and patronised by such luminaries as Jason Orange, formerly of Take That.

Wilmslow Road is also, coincidentally, the busiest bus route in Europe, so even late on Sunday night you should at least be able to get back to the middle of town. From Piccadilly Gardens, catch bus numbers 41-46 or 141-143.

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