An area of South Manchester situated roughly between Ardwick and Levenshulme (although the borders between the three areas are notional to say the least - no-one seems to know exactly where each area becomes the next).

Longsight can be reached from Manchester city centre by heading from Piccadilly down past UMIST and turning right down Stockport Road (the A6) by the Manchester Apollo. It is then on the left, roughly a mile and a half down the road.

Longsight has possibly the highest crime rate in Manchester, which means one of the highest in Britain. The population of Longsight is mostly Asian but with a strong Irish contingent - the Palace nightclub in nearby Levenshulme has a regular 'Young, Gifted And Green' competition for local bands of Irish descent.

Almost uniquely for South Manchester there are almost no students living in the area - surprising given the extremely low rents.

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