A kebab (also spelled kabob) refers to small pieces of meat, poultry, fish and sometimes vegetables that are threaded onto a skewer before grilling or broiling. The kebab components are often marinated before cooking. Examples of skewered dishes include the French brochette, the Italian spiedini, the Russian shashlik, the Middle Eastern shish kebab and the Indonesian saté. Fresh fruit kebabs are used as appetizers, they may or may not be heated.

In Australia, a Lebanese kebab is usually a thick round bit of pita bread wrapped around some bits of spiced, compressed meat (chicken, beef, pork are standard choices) plus a variety of vegetable matter such as lettuce, tomato, tabooli and humus (last two spelt phonetically). There is also a vegetarian option - instead of compressed meat, you get these round fried balls made from chic peas (I think). Anyway, the whole thing is very greasy and drippy and can also include chilli, garlic, tomato or BBQ sauce. Surprisingly enough, it doesn't taste too bad. Usual price is about $4AUD.

I've recently moved to USA and have got a hankering for a good kebab. Haven't seen one yet. From my short experience of California, it looks like Mexican food has really taken this niche and there seems to be little Lebanese cuisine around. Correct me if I'm wrong!

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