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A great restaurant in Brighton, Sydney, Australia.

Address: 82 The Grand Pde, Brighton-le-Sands 2216 Phone: (02) 9556 2533

Located right in the heart of The Grand Parade, this authentic Greek taverna serves traditional food at fantastic prices. With it's whitewashed walls and simple wooden tables and chairs, it smacks of authenticity. Yet with modern comforts such as mood-inspiring candles and comfy coushins.

Of special recommendation are the mezedes - the Greek version of the Spanish tapas - small servings of extremely filling and rich food, all beautifully laid out. Although classed as entrees, mezedes are filling enough to be had as a main if enough are combined. For example, if 6 people all get one variety of mezedes and shares around, everyone gets a large variety of food and will be stuffed afterwards.

Special note go to:

And the personal favourite: Honourable mentions also go to the char-grilled baby octopus and the salt and pepper calamari (Οκταποδι and Καλαμαρικα respectively)

A serving of all of these, for 6 people, and dessert and two drinks each came to AUD$230. Good value and a great night out.

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