This is a very pleasant pub crawl in a nice leafy suburb called (of all surprises) Didsbury in Manchester, UK. It's just down the road from the Curry Mile in Rusholme, so a short bus ride away from the best curries around. Around 12 pubs so it is possible to do this drinking full pints of beer. If you're feeling silly, double shots. Technically it's not really a dozen pubs but the name has stuck and is something of a legend to first year students in Manchester who are rarely brave enough to venture that far down Oxford Road.

The list goes as follows:

  • Hogshead - chain pub, nice but a bit pricey for Manchester
  • The Pear Tree - reasonable prices
  • The Nelson - I've always thought it looks a bit scary but I've never actually gone in so therefore my opinion is the most authoritative.
  • O'Neills - Irish theme chain, still very nice though
  • The Royal Oak - old pub, renowned for its Ploughmans lunch plate
  • The Station Hotel - from the outside it seems the second smallest pub in Manchester (if not the world) but there is actually a second room in the back that is cunningly hidden from view.
  • The Crown - good Sunday Lunch
  • The Clock Tower - more locals than students.
  • The Slug and Lettuce - another chain with inflated prices and load fashionable music
  • The Pitcher and Piano - another wierd name, as is the tradition for these chain pubs
  • The Fletcher Moss - cunningly hidden away off the main road

As you move slightly out of the centre there are a couple more:
  • The Didsbury - lovely food and a HUGE lawn in the front, you can't see the ground during the summer months with the writhing mass of people!
  • Ye Old Cocke - a good pub quiz by all accounts

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