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Located in South Manchester (Postal code=M14), Rusholme is an area populated principally by students and Muslims.

It is a typical looking Manchester area, the housing is comprised of rows upon rows of terraced houses, and dangerous looking alleys.

It is home of the (in)famous Curry Mile and Maine Road: the rather grand football stadium for Manchester City Football Club.

Once a year thousands of Muslims descend upon Rusholme's main road, Wilmslow Road to celebrate Eid Ul-Fitr, and it is at this time and this time only that the busiest bus route in Europe is disrupted.

Rusholme isn't solely populated by students and Moslems - although there are many of both living there. There is also a substantial Carribean population there.

Despite the fact that it borders Moss Side (actually a far less rough area than its reputation suggests) crime in Rusholme is fairly minimal. That is, if you don't count slum landlordism.

A very pleasant area to live actually, but I'm glad I moved out last June. Given recent events, I doubt an area full of posters calling for Jihad and claiming 'Democracy is against Islam!' is the safest place to be in the world.

Oh, and despite its reputation, The Royal Naz is not the best curry house on the mile - it's closer to the worst. It's just the first you see as you head towards Rusholme from town. Sometimes, positioning is all...

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