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It's not that easy to start noding again after last night's fiasco. Again, my sincere apologies to all who were offended by my mistake. I came up with three excuses for my behavior:

1. I am an incoherent person. Sometimes I have trouble conveying my thoughts to others. And if you have checked out my write-ups, you know that usually my ideas are quite silly to begin with.
2. My english could be a lot better. This may cloud my intended message even further.
3. I am young, foolish and an E2 newbie. But at least two of these three issues can only be improved, don't you think? :)

You get my point. Hopefully I haven't made too many mortal enemies yet. Ok, Now it's time to do a little cleaning in this pigsty, visit the mall and do other boring stuff one has to do for a succesful weekend.

By the way, Ice-cold grapefruit soda rules on a saturday morning! Don't ask me why.


Eating some limited edition chocolate.

The concept of rare out of print chocolate being sold for tons of $$$ on eBAY makes me want to giggle.
What's next? The Criterion Collection will probably form a subdivision dedicated to releasing classic and important contemporary candy.

This stuff is actually quite tasty. Too bad it won't be on the shelves for long.
I don't know how my house ended up like this. I woke up this morning only to have my eyes assaulted by countless beer bottles and dirty footprints. The backyard was even worse. Oh Lord. It's all coming back to me now. Too many people, too many voices in my yard, in my head, too many drinks in my hand, too many tokes of something not quite weed-ish. It all seemed so much happier last night as I fell asleep, lulled by the drunken illusion of perfection.

She calls and wants to help clean up. She, who drowned her sorrows and wants to forget them again by cleaning them. I would rather she didn't. This is a solitary effort.

I walk downstairs. This is funny...this is funny. The deer head passed down through my family is now sporting an elaborate headdress of beer cans on its antlers. A bottle of Moosehead is taped to its mouth. I giggle despite my anger. Maybe I will leave it there. Modern art at its best.

So yeah, I did my Separation Interview... Basically told them that even in the dot com world, not everybody wants to take over the world, and that you only need so much managment. Yeah. If felt a bit nice.

All these companies - they think they're giong to get our loyalty by hucking tons of stock options at us.

Uh, no. Stock options aren't going to pay the bills.

See, guys, the thing is: We still don't trust you. We know you're out to make a buck, and you wanna make it offa our toil. The fact that we enjoy slinging code for the most part won't blind us to the fact that you're still money grubbing bastards that do this for the almighty dollar.

Hell with y'all. I'm in if for the fun; and, quite frankly, because it sure beats the hell out of driving a delivery truck

Of course, I still went to the fancy-pants lunch they bought for us.


In other news, By the time I got home at 4, i had a raging fever and was generally crabby for the rest of the day.


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