In a social conversation, an awkward silence might occur when momentarily, everybody doesn't have anything to say. Usually terminated by someone commenting about the weather, or someone's shoes. Research indicates that this happens every 7 minutes in every normal conversation.

This happens every 3.5 minutes if you are on a date. Also the awkward level during the silence is raised significantly. It is always good to have an awkward silence breaker handy for these types of situations.

Awkward silences don't always have to be caused by short comments about weathers or shoes. Some people's conversation skills rely solely on telling stories. That's a poor quality to have, because unless you tell a story that someone can relate to, you're going to end up causing an awkward silence. One time, I told someone that I had lost my watch, and he went on to tell me a long story about how his father had many watches. I had nothing to tell him at all.

Awkward silences can also be caused by speaking too quietly or in noisy areas. If someone misses what you say, even after you repeat it, they might feel too embarrassed to ask you to repeat it again. They'll nod and act like they know what you're talking about, and it becomes awkward for both parties.

To stop awkward silences, I recommend talking about a variety of broad subjects. Bringing up a band that no one has heard of is a bad idea, as unless they have heard of the band, the conversation will be one sided. Because you're talking about a subject the other person doesn't know about, you're forcing them to be silent until you're done telling your little story. If you're going to tell a story, at least make it an interesting story. No one wants to sit for five minutes while you talk about a fish.

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