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Term describing the attitude of someone who derives pleasure or a vague feeling of self-worth from listening to a particular piece of music for the sole reason that no one else has ever heard of it. Usually the term is only applicable when the person goes out of their way to gloat about this, or makes constant and pointless references to said no-name band.

Often the term will be associated with someone who uses overly comparative and vague descriptions of a band, usually using at least one (preferably many) of the following terms as a base of comparison: indie rock, emo, acid, house, punk, power pop, retro, post-punk (and so forth). People who are indier than thou are frequently also incurable audiophiles, who gain actual sexual satisfaction from handling new vinyl albums.

"Dude have you dug the new Escapegoat vinyl EP?"
"The what?"
"Escapegoat... my friend, where have you been?"
"What kind of music is it?"
"Hmmm... well they really don't fit into a genre, that's so great about them! They're kind of retro acid jazz house emo (*breath*) post punk power pop. Sort of like Fearwig. But indier."
"Don't you have friends or something?"

Someone truly indier-than-thou will never hesitate to jump on the chance at unnecessary namedropping.

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