This is the one thing that our local college radio station plays more than any one particular thing. You listen in, and you hear this kind of interesting, somewhat experimental, elegantly sculpted, organic arrangement of electric guitars and distortion and feedback so heavy they become an instrument all by themselves, and usually a man or a woman singing in a slightly cracking voice so barely musical they're almost talking. Your reaction to this is, of course, "hey, this kind of sounds like the Sonic Youth!".. except a lot of the time it turns out to just be some small band, either unsigned, local or just really obscure, that happens to draw so much inspiration from the Sonic Youth that they appear to be ripping the Sonic Youth off.

Usually the better it is, the more likely it is to be a real Sonic Youth song, but this isn't always the case. Either way it's usually worth listening to, but it's kind of annoying to be acutely aware of the fact you might know what you're listening to but you probably don't. If you can ignore that one detail, this kind of music is really easy to enjoy.

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