Everythingian Protection Agency (EPA)

"Handing out smack downs since '00"

Have you got a problem that can't be resolved through mediation? Then you need to contact the EPA. Let our dynamic team of trouble shooters assess your situation and provide a tailor made solution to your problem.

Our specialities (although not necessarily limited to) are:

Or perhaps your grievance isn't with a node or everythingian, but in fact with yourself? Do often feel physically inadequate? Do members of the opposite/same sex shun you? Do small children point and laugh at you in the street? If the answer is "YES" then you need a XP boost. We have a large group of "vote" empowered users (who mainly consist of retired 70's hampsterporn stars and toad lickers) on our payroll. All you have to do is just say "when" at your desired rank.

All our work is satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!

For further details please contact our account manager booyaa
check out our company photo via http://www3.unl.ac.uk/~mas/everything/epa/epa.jpg

Another fine humour product from the ratsA$$ corporation
See also: WWF, Spoof, Acolyte Protection Agency

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