miscreants. she shuddered. it was probably the best word she'd yet heard for the little monsters. indeed, the idea of "older brother" didn't even quite cover it today, and older brothers were supposed to be disgusting pigs whose only desire was to make you look just as young and stupid as you are, if not moreso.

and given that she had such a low opinion of brothers in general, particularly hers, what would be the sense in behaving? was this a veiled attempt by her maiden great-aunt to get her to steal the cake? that was the only thing she could think of that would not stop her from getting some as well... besides, aunt mary had been a female chauvinist warthog for as long as she could remember. depriving the boys of their long awaited prize would be right up her alley.

the more she thought about it, the less time she would have to execute her devilish plan, which, as of yet, she didn't have anyway. she'd have to get the boys blamed for whatever happenned, or in the end her triumph would be short-lived, and quickly regretted. she would have to make herself the victim, somehow; she'd get cake and sympathy, then, and her brothers would get a stern talking to.

and then it hit her, or to be more precise, it would. she looked over to where her brothers were playing frisbee. they were between her and the back door, and if she timed it right, she would get just barely winged with the flying plastic disc, and they would be undone. grinning wickedly, she broke into a jog, angling across the game just as the shorter of the two boys released the frisbee... *thwok* it just grazed the back of her head, but she fell down bawling like the sky was falling. it was good. she looked up to see aunt mary smiling into a napkin and her parents rushing to her aid. it was all good.

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