A biscuit sized sponge cake available in the UK that consists of a thin sponge base with a jelly like orange layer coated with Chocolate topping (Other layer/topping combinations have become available). Also a cocktail consisting of 2 parts vodka, 1 part coffee liqueur - mix in a tall glass with ice and top up with orange juice - tastes remarkably like the cake described above.

Serving suggestion: Microwaved Jaffa Cakes are mighty fine fare - give one a blast for not longer than 10 seconds (at the most) and it becomes a different beast.
What happens is that the biscuit base part stays exactly the same temperature (because it doesn't contain any water), but the orange jelly becomes lovely and gooey and the chocolate melts. Try it, it's great.

Warning: Because the base is cool you can easily have a Microwave Jaffa that has napalm-like jelly but appears to be cold.
This leads to nasty burning of the roof of the mouth.

Serving Suggestion: Turn the jaffa-cake upside down, and press into its base with your thumb, making a depression. Fill this depression with Archers peach schnapps. Within a few seconds, the Archers will have soaked into the cake stuff, and the depression can be refilled. Now your jaffa-cake has gone from delicious to fantastic. I have no idea how I discovered this.

Legal Bit: A High-court ruling has shown that jaffa-cakes are in fact cakes, not biscuits. That is surprising since they are generally packaged, marketed and sold as biscuits. It is an important distinction because in the UK cakes are exempt from VAT, whereas biscuits are adjudged "confectionary" and are taxed.

legal info from http://www.cliftoningram.co.uk/update28.htm#jaffa

If you liked jaffa cakes and archers, you'll love Lebkuchen and Jägermeister, another great-tasting crazy idea from hugo rune.

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