One of the best biscuits in the world. Burton's Jammy Dodgers consist of two halves (note to Americans: like Oreo halves) made of very light, chewy yellow stuff (kind of like very gummy shortbread) betwixt which there is a layer of jam (I don't know the flavour, it's clearly artificial anyway- but it's red). One of the halves has a heart-shaped aperture in the centre through which the jam is slightly extruded, giving the impression of a red, heart-shaped jewel of jam built into the middle of the biscuit.

Jammy Dodgers used to have an ornate pattern on the front (like you get on cakes and biscuits in Disney productions, see for a good example World of Illusion). They now have a marketing-driven cartoony splat pattern embossed on them which looks much worse. Jammy Dodgers are even better when dipped in tea.

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