"The Move" can only be performed on someone who doesn't know what it is yet. This is to say, if you want to find out what the move is by having it performed on you, then don't keep reading. I'll pause and wait for you to leave the room.


Alright folks, first of all, this isn't a very nice thing to do. If done in the right company and to the right person, however, it is hilarious. Here are the basic rules.

  1. First, the person must be notified. This notification must be out loud, and in front of witnesses. Usually the notification will be something like this: "_____ will be introduced to 'the Move' at 8:30pm."
  2. The time that was announced may be written on a blackboard, whiteboard, clipboard, piece of paper, or any other thing so that your friends that are in the know will be aware of the amusement that is pending.
  3. The time should be far enough ahead that the person will forget that you mentioned it. Even if they don't forget, unless they wimp out and leave, they're in for it.
  4. This only works if you're sitting next to or near the intended target.
  5. When the appointed time arrives, ball your hand into a fist. Swing your arm out in an arc until your elbow locks and the meat on the side of your fist contacts the target right in the middle of the sternum, usually shocking the heck out of them, knocking the wind out of them, but not really hurting them. (I told you this wasn't very nice.)

The best part is, you don't ever have to worry about retaliation from the person without clue.. because you'll know exactly what he means if he says, "AlexZander will be introduced to 'the Move' at 8:30pm."

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