True story:

Back in the day, (seriously, I'm talking Compuserve) I used to make a habit out of having a bit of reversed roles cybersex. Yeah, I'd pretend to be a chick and fool around with guys in the porno chat rooms. It was a lot of fun, because at the last minute I'd own up to being a guy and see the reactions. And no, despite what you might think, I did not get off on it.

Anyway, I was playing my little game one afternoon. All was going well. I'd managed to pull off what seemed to be a pretty convincing cybersex session, and I was about to lay down my usual punchline when I was (no pun intended) beaten to the punch.

It turned out that he was a she, or so they said. I gave over on my end too, and we had a bit of a laugh. We then had some idle chit-chat: where are you from, how old are you, what's your real name, etc.

It was then that I started to get an eerie feeling. The details I had been given sounded awfully familiar. When she told me her name, I jumped out of my chair and sprinted down the hallway, bursting into my sister's room.

The Compuserve chat screen was displayed on her computer screen, the words meeting my expectations. I quickly thought up an excuse as to my barging in: "Hey, uhh, can I borrow that Nirvana CD?" Pointing to her copy of Nevermind sitting on her shelf. Taking it, I skulked back to my room and logged off.

She still doesn't know about it to this day.

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