D.R. & Quinch find two tickets to Hollywood in the pocket of an apparently dead screenwriter. They travel to Hollywood and quickly drum up the finance to shoot an elaborate version of the script the screenwriter was carrying. Unfortunately, the screenplay is handwritten and almost entirely illegible, so the production goes under the working title of "Something Something Oranges Something". It is eventually released to cult success as "Mind the Oranges Marlon" after its charismatic but illiterate star is crushed under several tons of oranges.

Memorable Quotes
Agent:So, where is this film set, exactly?
D.R.Well, does that word look more like "sandwich" or "submarine" to you?
D.R.Well then, the film is set on a submarine, and not on a sandwich, as you might have previously imagined, man

Marlon: S'muhsurpuss. S'buhst scrup uh yever read.

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