DJ Muggs' real name is Lawrence Muggerud, an Italian who was born in Queens, however, he soon moved to Los Angelos where he joined the rap group 7A3, and released an album with them while contributing to the soundtrack of the movie "Colors", starring Dennis Hopper.

DJ Muggs is the DJ for the rap group Cypress Hill, however, he has worked with other artists including Xibit and Tricky (on the Juxtapose album), House of Pain, the Beastie Boys, Ice Cube, Yo Yo, Funkdoobiest, and many others.
From an interview with Teri van Horn of "Addicted to Noise":
Quickly becoming the Brian Wilson of Cypress Hill, Muggs now prefers working in the studio on his own solo album and with the groups on his own new label than touring, which could just spell the demise of Cypress Hill, though he hastens to say, "If Louis and Sen wanna rap, I'll make records forever."

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