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The Great Nodeshell C! Give-Away

I'm against an over-abundance of empty nodeshells, and I doubt that I'm the only person on E2 who feels this way.
In response to the ever growing number of empty nodeshells, I've decided to have a little contest of sorts. Below is a list of empty nodeshells, just sope that I've picked up while cruising around E2, if anyone would fill in one of these nodeshells, I will C! it (that is, if it it's content is either informative or funny or something that I would otherwise upvote, just not "I'm filling in this nodeshell for a C!").
If you fill in one of these nodeshells, please /msg me, and I will C! it as soon as possible (be patient, because I still only have one C! per day).

How to get the car of your dreams
seven facts about the female orgasm
You got a face with a view
carry on living: the surest way 2 die
Toiletry Issue
The Funhouse
maybe you have cancer
Otoño Del Patriarca
(already filled in by Katykeene, thanks for being the first one!)
waste that Salman's ass
men suck. i'd become a lesbian, but i'm not gay.
Barry the Sprout
(Congrats to cordelia for filling in this nodeshell!)

That's enough for now, if all these get filled, I'll be out of more than two weeks worth of C!'s. When and if a nodeshell is filled, I'll remove it as soon as I C! it, and I'll eventually put more empty nodeshells up here.

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Enough about me.

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