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Situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Dalhousie has a convoluted history, involving its disintegration and reappearance that no one really cares to know.

The faculties I am most familiar with (philosophy, psychology, and classics) have great proffessors, including (in psychology) some of the foremost researchers in cognition and perception. Dalhousie's Neuroscience department is (don't quote me on this, I couldn't find the stats anywhere) among the top five in Canada, and I believe it is ranked highly in North America as well.

The campus, located in the middle of Halifax, is easy to navigate, and relatively close to grocery stores and good places to live. Halifax also enjoys a freak climate, so it's warmer here in the winter than in places of comparable latitude and not as hot in the summer as pale faced noctournes like myself fear it will get. Also, due to Halifax's conservative nature, low population density and "small town feel," crime is fairly low for a city of its size.

On the other hand, Dal is renowned as one of the most expensive schools in the area, although it is still much cheaper than going to a school in the states.

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