Columbus, Ohio-based Damon's Grill is a run-of-the-mill American mid-sized bar and grill chain. As of August 2002, Damon's International Inc. has 136 company and franchise locations in the United States, with one in Panama City, one in Puerto Rico, and two in the United Kingdom. Damon's restaurants are primarily based in the mid-west (especially Ohio and Michigan), with most of their stores, with the exception of between 10 and 20 locations, on the East coast of the U.S. There are no locations in Alaska and Hawaii as of yet.

Damon's cornerstones are quite mentionable. They routinely flaunt their "award-winning ribs," as their motto was at one time "The Place for Ribs," complete with a pig mascot that they used to put on the children's cups. The ribs are pretty good, rivaling those of competitor Oh! Brian's. What really makes the ribs, the chain says, is the unique barbeque sauce that they sell separately through their website and through each location.

Damon's other distinguishable trademark from other chain bar and grills is the "Clubhouse." In the Clubhouse are four big-screen televisions that display sports, news, and an interactive trivia network (NTN) that guests can play on small data transmitters with qwerty keyboards. Damon's is a hotspot for weekend sports buffs who want to see football, NCAA or NBA basketball, or baseball on huge (we're talking 3 meters square) digital television sets. Every once in awhile, they'll switch the station to a prime-time network show if it's big enough (during sweeps in April and any phenominally big show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a notable example).

NTN is a network affiliated with other bar and grills, not just Damon's, where people play the same interactive game for points. Each round has 15 multiple choice questions. The players have a certain amount of time to answer the questions, and once the answers appear on the screen the point value of the answers tick away with the time. The highest interactive scores nationwide are displayed at the end of each round. (Consequently, this proves that even in the bar, piss drunk, trivia nuts can still know everything there is to know about Gene Kelly or that Pat Benatar album that came out whenever or that movie starring so and so's daughter).

Besides those factors, however, Damon's isn't too different from the other chain bars. They have the obligatory fried onion appetizer (served over there there with the barbeque sauce and a hoseradish concoction much like Outback Steakhouse). They have the big steak knives and the subsequent big steaks. They have the chocolately desserts that they tempt you with after you already stuff yourself silly with rather tasty plates of fried -instert entree' here-. They have the steaks, chicken, seafood, and ribs, and all under one slightly dark, slightly smoke-filled house.

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