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No, not a typo but in fact a satirical album title used by King Mental (1998)*, The Nitwitz (1999), Ministry (1999) and possibly others in reference to Dark Side of the Moon by prog-rockers Pink Floyd.

The joke may be deemed somewhat poor in light of 3 albums released within a year of each other all bearing this same title, although I'm sure they all thought they were being very clever at the time... Maybe a case of great minds think alike, tho more likely a case of imagination running dry.

The title was chosen for The Nitwitz first album since reforming, althought they originally existed between 1978-1982*. However, people stumbling across this node will more likely be familiar with this title as that of Al Jourgenson fronted industrial project Ministry's 7th studio album, following on from Filthpig and preceding their live album Sphinctour. It is perhaps a more bland affair then their earlier work without the same sense of aggression or purpose that burst out of such albums as The Land of Rape and Honey, The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste and Psalm 69 although it does have its moments with the tracks Bad Blood, Kaif and Nursing Home. Although not a bad album it is somewhat overshadowed by their aforementioned efforts. A track listing for this album follows:

1. Supermanic Soul
2. Whip and Chain
3. Bad Blood
4. Eureka Pile
5. Step
6. Nursing Home
7. Kaif
8. Vex & Siolence
9. 10/10
All songs by Ministry, 1999

Track listing for The Nitwitz release:

1. Landmine Heart (Leeuwenburgh)
2. Black Name Ringing (Leeuwenburgh)
3. Bad Chemistry (Leeuwenburgh)
4. Drunk Tank Celebrity (Leeuwenburgh/Peters)
5. Fruitcakes (Leeuwenburgh)
6. Burn Baby Burn (Leeuwenburgh/Peters)
7. Living on Leftovers (Leeuwenburgh)
8. Jackass (Leeuwenburgh)
9. Lithium and Lipstick (Leeuwenburgh/Peters)
10. N.V.S. (Leeuwenburgh/Peters)
11. Superslob (Leeuwenburgh)
12. Babysitter (Made a Man Out of Me) (Leeuwenburgh/Peters)
13. Ticket to Gomorrah (Leeuwenburgh)
14. Church of Chumps (Leeuwenburgh/Peters)

I have not uncovered any information regarding the King Mental release as yet. Anyone heard of them?

*Information provided by www.allmusic.com

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