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A hilarious episode of The X-files. Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) present their different view points on what happened the last couple of days:
Mulder comes accross a bunch of vampire-like attacks and convinces Scully to go with him to the town where the attacks took place.
They meet Sherif Hartwell, the sherif of the small town, who shows them themost recent attack, a tourist.
While Scully does an autopsy, Mulder and Hartwell go to the cemetary to look for clues.
Scully finds traces of a type of knock out drug that sedated the victim before his blood was sucked out.
Mulder and Hartwell are called to a motor car home to stop a run away truck where they find another victim.
Mulder and Scully meet back at their motel and Mulder asks Scully to do another autopsy on the newest victim. While Scully goes off Mulder enjoys her "Magic Fingers" bed and her dinner, pizza. Mulder starts to feel wierd and falls down. The pizza boy comes in and flashes his fangs. Meanwhile, Scully finds in the new victim the same drug and also the same food in the stomach, pizza. She puts it together. "*Gasp!* The Cholrohydrate's in the pizza! The pizza man! *Gasp!* Mulder!!"
Scully rushes to the motel just in time to chase of the intruder who was not stopped by her bullets. Scully runs off and Mulder, as soon as he can, follows.
Mulder chases the boy through the woods, grabs him and stabs him in the heart. Scully catches up and Mulder, proud of himself, tells her, "see? told you!" as he points to the fangs.
Scully taps the teeth, which fall out to show that they are fake fangs. Now Mulder and Scully are in deep trouble with Skinner, and before the meeting the tell each other what they thought actually happened.
In Mulder's version, he is acts like he does everything to make Scully happy and is very unenthusiastic. Scully, in his version, is annoying, whiney, and stuck up.
In Scully's version, Mulder is way to hyperactive and herself way too reserved.
Skinner informs them that there has been another attack by the pizza guy, who is apparently not dead although he was staked in the heart.
They go back to the town only to be attacked by a bunch of vampires, including Hartwell. They wake up to find the town deserted.
An old EGA-VGA game put out by Origin Software, (of Ultima fame. It's an overhead view RPG-style game, à la Times of Lore. Basic elements are in the game like weapons, ammo, health, items, talking to people, &c. What makes it memorable is the less typical stuff they threw in to keep it fresh:

>>Post-apocalyptic setting
>>Choice of characters with different strengths
>>the phat ass nadsattish dialect that they use.

This last trait alone is enough to keep you riveted to your seat, and playing and playing and playing, just to "hear" them talk. It's a very slick sounding language, with meaning sometimes sacrificed for phonetic ease (à la 1984).

N. B.: /me does not condone the use of "à la" twice -- shit, thrice in a writeup... or cannibalism for that matter.

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