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A Gothic Anime movie created by Kikuchi Hideyuki. Realased in the US 1998 in subtitles, and re-realased later in English in 1999, dubbed.
In the future the Persona Corporation has taken over most of Earth, except for a small portion of Earth known as the "Freezone". The freezone is clear of the rules and regulations that rule the lives of the rest of Earth.
In a desperate attempt to free earth, a band of rebels attempt to sabotage the company. At this point the dark mystic Darkside appears after being sealed in another dimension for 18 yrs.
Darkside holds the power to destroy Persona, yet only interprets dreams and heals souls. His only break in nuetrality is to flirt with the leader of the rebels.
In the end it's Persona vs. the Rebeles, so where does Darkside stand?
By the end of the movie the issue isn't resolved.

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