Movie 1997
Department of Defense, investigator Kyle Rivers on her first assignment after training, is assigned to investigate Lana Hawking, for top secret clearance as an engineer for the military. During the course of the investigation, she becomes obsessed with Lana's second life and gets trapped in a web of lies leading to her downfall.

Sean Young .... Lana Hawking
Soleil Moon Frye .... Agent Kyle Rivers
Robert Vaughn .... Chief MacIntyre
Rob Stewart .... Agent Larimer
Barry Sattels .... Wayne Hawking
Spencer Rochfort .... Steven Butler
Malcolm Yates .... Dr. Jeremy Marks
Sal Landi .... Detective Cerone
James Michael Tyler .... Oscar Bevins
Elizabeth Giordano .... Arresting Officer
Lou Rawls .... Gospel Minister
Seymour Cassel .... Old Priest
John LaMotta .... Agent Sands
Jay Rasumny .... Agent Bartlett
Jeanette O'Conner .... Motel Blue Manager
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