A carbonated energy drink similar to Red Bull (oh, you saw the copycat name? sorry). Comes in three flavours/types: Original, Energy and Strength.
  • Original -- Guarana berry, has the standard assortment of natural stimulants and vitamins. (tastes mostly like odd blue rasberry soda)
  • Energy -- Citrus (Mountain Dew or Kick), has slightly (about 10mg) more caffeine than Original and has a few other ingredients for a bit more kick.
  • Strength -- Grape (yes, grape), with some vitamins and minerals to improve muscle performance. I'd like to try it in a "Screaming Purple Jesus"
Blue Ox follows the same idea as the others, cram as many buzz-word chemicals (taurin, creatine, vitamin B12, etc) into the drink as possible, and charge the same price for a .5L as a 1L of Coca-Cola.

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