<Death> (in a deep tone that does not match his frail skeletal figure) I've come...
<Darth Everything>What? On my door?! You filthy bugger.. I feel the anger rising within me!
<Death> Yes baby, Yes! (..suddenly realises the task at hand) I've come to take you to HELL!
<Darth Everything> Oh I see! Good O old chap. I knew it couldn't be all beer and skittles for ever you know. Why don't you come in make yourself comfy while I pack my things, what? (stands aside and shows Death the hallway.)
<Death> .. nods with eyebrows raised .. Umm, no thanks.. I'm in rather a hurry.. five more deaths to spread around to tonight you see, what what?
<Darth Everything> Wouldn't like a cup of tea?
<Death> Umm. no.
<Darth Everything> Coffee?
<Death> Umm. no thanks.
<Darth Everything> A biscuit?
<Death> nope!
<Darth Everything> Some cake? Freshly made!
<Death> No, thank you.
<Darth Everything> Very well then. I'll just be right back
<Death> (watches as Darth Everything walks along the hallway and up the stairs)
<Porn Queen enters the scene>
<Porn Queen> squeals in delight ... Fuck my nodes baby! You make me so horny with your dirty node talk
<Death> Do I know you?
<Porn Queen> oooh, loook.. there's sperm all over Mr Darths' front door. Did you do that you big hunk of death?
<Death> (blushes) Weeell, yes.. yes it was me
<Porn Queen> My you must be awfully well hung. Fancy a few drinks down at the tav? (winks seductively)
<Death> (blushes again) Weell,why not. Guess it can't kill me.
<Porn Queen and Death leave the scene arm in arm>
<Darth Everything returns to the front door>
<Darth Everything> (looks at the post it notes all over his body) How did they get there? Where did that Death person go to? How rude! I see I will have to teach him the power of the force


also see What to do if the Grim Reaper shows up at your door

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