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Datura cigarettes

For all of you experimental drug type people out there, here’s something you might want to try.

Go walkabout in your local wilderness sometime and find a datura plant. The type that grows most abundantly where I live is datura inoxia. Check out erowid for specifics on what the various species look like.

In any event collect about 3-4 leaves (remembering to thank the plant, if this doesn’t make sense to you then you’ve probably never been “talked” to by plants. If not take some magic mushrooms and go walking in nature, or take up shamanism)

So now that you’ve got your 3-4 leaves go buy some isopropyl alcohol. Put the leaves in the alcohol,how much? Use an old 750 ml glass container filled up to the point where the bottle tapers. Leave the leaves in the alcohol for about 3 days or so, keeping in mind that the longer they sit, the more the alcohol will extract. Once a day open the bottle and smash the leaves up a little bit with a blunt stick. After the 3 day period or so take the leaves out and throw them away. It’s gonna smell a lot like plant matter and you might find it somewhat unpleasant smelling. I personally suggest going out and purchasing some extract of cinnamon, clove, peppermint, whatever particular taste you prefer. Extracts can be bought from most health food stores, but one should stay away from extracts not related to food, unless you really like lavender or patchouli...

Here comes the tricky part. After you’ve finished making the above recipe, your going to need to put it on your smoke. I’d suggest a smaller bottle into which you can transfer some of the liquid, and preferably reach into with little difficulty, one of those black film containers that camera film comes in would be ideal. Doesn’t really matter what, just as long as it’s easier than tilting the jar you made it in to a level that the liquid is almost pouring out but not quite, then trying to roll your cigarette just inside the lip of the bottle...

As I was saying, dip your cigarette into the liquid, and I do mean dip, you really don’t want to get the cigarette too wet. Once you’ve dipped the cigarette set it aside to dry, BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK IT, wet cigarettes break very easily*. Once it’s dried light it and enjoy your smoke.

Some peoples body chemistry results in no effects whatsoever, but for the rest of us this is what happens. approximately midway through the cigarette (maybe sooner depending on the strength of the batch) you’ll notice yourself feeling kind of light headed and a bit drunk, your balance will be affected! DON’T DRIVE AND SMOKE! After a while (4-6 minutes depending on the strength of your mixture) this feeling will fade and you will be left feeling euphoric and happy, you may have a slight case of the giggles as well. The induced happiness will fade but since it puts one in a happy mood one tends to stay happy for awhile afterwards and not notice the loss of outside chemical induced joy.

Known side affects: you may feel a little upset stomach but other than that nothing else is known of, course there isn’t really any scientific research on this, so who knows what’s really going on in your body. The other side effect is that after smoking a few of these you may experience the effects even if your smoking a normal cigarette. That may be due to latent chemicals in your body reacting to the tobacco smoke, or it could just be a placebo effect. You might not experience either of these side effects, but they are the ones known to occur. Also it wouldn’t be advisable to smoke your dipped cigarettes one after another (chain smoking) that will definitely make you queasy.

Otherwise, enjoy your legal high. But don't go around pushing it in lots of peoples faces or making a big scene about it to the cops, as that can only bring the laws attention to this and we all know what happens when they catch wind of something like this. Besides you can still be busted for public intoxication.

*A quick note on cigarette types, pre rolled cigarettes are super dry and will soak up far more than a hand rolled cigarette as rolling tobacco is usually a bit more moist to facilitate the rolling process.

Update: When smoking these, exhale the smoke through your nose, this seems to be the best way to achieve maximum effect.

I can only speak for myself and my personal experience, your body may react differently than mine. That being said, if you choose to try this you do so at your own risk and I am in no way responsible for the results of your actions. Besides, cigarettes are bad enough for you anyway.

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