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This is the "deluxe" version, so to speak, of that well known ultra hot sauce, Dave's Insanity Sauce. Generated by the man Dave and produced in Costa Rica, Ultimate Insanity is basically like Insanity, but hotter.

It comes in at 250,000 Scoville units. This makes it 38% hotter than normal Insanity Sauce, but only 42% as hot as Dave's Ghost Pepper Sauce, which involves liberal quantities of naga jolokia peppers and is the most powerful weapon in Dave's arsenal. It also makes it 10% as hot as pepper spray, 635% hotter than Blair's Death Sauce, and a mammoth 9,900% hotter than Tabasco sauce. But then it's only 70% as hot as Mad Dog .357, and a mere 1.9% as hot at Blair's 6 AM Reserve. Just to put it into perspective, that is.

Or should I say ARSEnal, because this stuff actually does bite twice. Overuse of this can lead to your nipsy Johnny Cashing all day. I know. I've been there.

Tastewise, well, it's vaguely tomatoey and habanero-flavoured (being derived from habanero peppers) for about 5 seconds, then it tastes like molten steel. You can feel it running down your throat. It's not only a harsher burn than standard Insanity Sauce but also it's a quicker burn as well. It's also rather runny for ultra hot sauces; original Insanity has the texture of coal tar (and probably can power ships just as well), whereas Ultimate Insanity looks disturbingly like ketchup and runs about the same. The runniness is a bit perilous if you're used to cooking with ordinary Insanity as it's way to easy to make your frugal, conservative teaspoon into a heaped teaspoon. Not that I mind, of course, but still...

(Actually, that's an idea - sneak into your local greasy spoon and drop a few tsp's of Ultimate Insanity into the plastic ketchup squeezer. Allow hilarity to ensue. Film results and put on Youtube. Fun!)

The only real downside is its rather bland taste. Still, throw it in anything chilli-related and you can't go wrong. I actually prefer using it to normal Insanity because it's a lot less gritty and smoother.

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