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Dawn Wells: born October 18, 1938, in Reno, Nevada. She is a famous actress, most notably as Mary Ann Summers on Gilligan's Island. When I met her for our interview, which can be watched at this link, she was 71-years-old, and she looked 50 - if that.

The sound of an auction is the same wherever you go. But at Dawn Wells's home, it's something a bit more special.

Dawn Wells has quite the collection of items only an actress could get their hands on, and she auctioned many of them on August 1, 2009, and left Idaho.

"Just looking at there thinking its ridiculous one person has so many things. You know, it was George Carlin, you get stuff, then you gotta get a bigger house for your stuff then you gotta take your stuff with you when you travel! I'm a stuff person!" said Dawn Wells.

Stuff like chairs used in World War II. A trunk that you could, well, put more stuff in. And even a variety of hairpieces that she used to help future stars learn their looks.

"What's the best color, would you look better as a blond? Would you look better a different hair, I'm not going to cut your hair, bleach your hair, we're just going to find out where you look best," Wells explained.

Dawn will take money earned from the auction and put it towards continuing the education of future stars in Reno, Nevada.

I asked Wells, "So Dawn are you going to miss Idaho?"

She replied, "Oh I'm going to miss Idaho, I hope they miss me. I'm coming back though, this isn't goodbye though, I'm taking a break."

A break well deserved after 40 years as an actress, with her major career breakthrough on a TV series that is still popular almost 50 years later.

"That influence of Gilligan's Island I can't even imagine. But one of the reasons I think it's so popular? No time. There's no clothes that tell you when it was filmed. Everyone's fantasy is to be on an island, marooned, not like Survivor but that kind of thing. It's a humor that's easily translatable. It's slapstick. You didn't have to know who Monica Lewinsky was to get the show," said Wells.

Many people walked away today with memorabilia and autographs that will keep Dawn Wells fresh in their minds for years to come.

And Dawn Wells isn't just popular in America.

Gilligan's Island has been syndicated in virtually every country around the world.

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