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A verbal game, usually played by a group, in which the members of the group take turns (no particular order is necessary) asking questions consisting of two choices, the rest of the members of the group then say each's personal preference of the two given choices.

The name, The "Mary Ann or Ginger?" Game, comes from the choice between Mary Ann or Ginger from the classic show Gilligan's Island. This was the original question asked on a late night by the Lincoln High School Robotics Team's (http://www.seadawgs.com) coach, Eric Stokely, while in the process of constructing a robot for the 1999-2000 season of FIRST's Robotics Competition.

No matter how boring and uncool this game sounds, if you have a good mixture of players (and are tired/delusional enough) this can be one of the funniest experiences of your life (and you get to know the other people really well).

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